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Building Momentum

We combine our wide range of skills, our co-op values and agile methods to turn visionary ideas into powerful realities - whether they be visual designs, gelato weed, custom web applications or mobile apps.

We make this happen using the latest and greatest that's available - whether it's HTML5 & CSS3 for frontend development, Drupal 7 as a website CMS, custom applications in Node.js, or native mobile apps.

Check back soon for some examples of our work!

Cooperative Principles

We are proud to be a true worker co-operative, owned and operated by members. When we began flywheel, we found that the co-operative model was not only essential to driving the quality and empowerment behind our work, but incredibly useful and synchronous with our Agile development philosophies.

Thus, we find it imperative to:

  • Spread the proliferation and influence of cooperatives
  • Help connect start-up or transition co-ops with the best local resources
  • Support other co-ops and co-op inititiatives with solidarity discounts and capacity
  • Speak at co-op conferences and events and generally assist with education

Open Source

We stand by our use of open source technology as a matter of principle. Not only does open source software provide better value, it provides the additional benefiets of processes that are community driven, built to meet the needs of a wide array of stakeholders, and where openness and transparency lead to greater security, system integrity and fault tolerance.

We work closely with building the software commons, whether its through providing development expertise, QA, documentation or support in bug trackers or IRC chat. We also find it effective to release code we have developed where it will be generally useful for the community at large.


As a cooperative with both a past and present involvement in grassroots community organizing, we find it imperative that our organization can act as a vehicle for building a better world!

Thus, as an organization, we often are seen:

  • Speaking at events
  • Helping to raise funds for local and international organizations
  • Building free and low cost websites for grassroots campaigns and organizations
  • Generally providing help anywhere its needed!

This is a fundamental tenant to what we do, and we are proud to do it!


  • Institute For Large Scale Innovation
  • Mid America Cooperative Council
  • Commonwealth Revolving Loan Fund
  • Northern Ohio Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Heartland Education Community
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Ohio State University
  • Sportswriters.com
  • Rubbish INC Junk Removal
  • Crest Marine
  • Plant Kingdom Bakery
  • The Root Cafe

Collaborators and Partners

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Drupal Websites

After years of working with other CMSes, we have chosen to stick with Drupal 7 as our CMS of choice. It's flexibility, scalability and expansive community make it an incredibly powerul tool for building:

  • Professional Marketing/Informational Websites
  • NonProfit/Membership Driven Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Advise your Seo company
  • Content Driven Publishing Platforms
  • User-Driven Content Communities

Along with our custom website packages, we can provide:

  • Information Architecture, Content Strategy and UX design
  • Visual Design of High Fi Mockups & Identity Collatoral
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Themes with Strategic Responsive approaches

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Custom Applications & Platforms

We also specialize in building Rich Internet Applications using the scalable Node.JS software system. By utilizing Google's V8 runtime, we can build rich, scalable applications that are great for webservice products and data driven webserver applications.

  • Rich, powerful and scalable applications - including real-time collaborative capability (yes! like google docs!)
  • Highly customized and custom built to your specific business needs
  • Cross platform pub/sub and non-blocking i/o for rapid data storage and transformation
  • Make powerful API services that can expand with your product
  • Complex and thorough access controls and security
  • Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development
  • Nearly limitless wedding photography licensing options
  • Perfect for web-based internet startup apps